Rockets 9580 win to force Game 7, what are your thoughts November 25

Good luck Rockets fans, and Good luck Lakerrs fans in Game 7 If they lakers don't win this they officially suck and people should stop comparing kobe to mj. I am still trying to figure out how the rockets were able to beat the lakers twice without ya

Who will Win Game 7 Lakers vs Rockets And Celtics Vs Magic November 25

i got lakers in 7 for magic series i dont really know it can go either way imo Rockets and Magic! Its amazing how all the Laker fans predicted a sweep or a 5 game series. There is way to much heart in the Rockets. Lakers are done in my opinion Lakers

Rocketslakers: who will win game 7 November 25

rockets or lakers.... Lakers will ein GM 7 and the Rockets will lose by 40 pts again just like they did in GM 5 and Ron Artest will get Ejected and thrown Out just like he did in the first two Games and we will end it right there but you got to beliv

If Magic lose tonight, can they win on the road game 7 November 25

well first of all i do believe Magic win tonight. lebron will score more points, but have less rebounds, and less assist. Mo williams will not shoot 6 for 9 3's, and rafer alston will not shoot 1 for 10. those are 3 of the many things that favor the

What is the best way to get a 6 pack November 25

I want a good six pack! Steroids usually seem to work. Or you COULD go the lazy way and work out... but who does THAT anymore?! sheesh. have no idea but would like to know;P

Should you do the xbox towel trick for red ring twice November 25

ive already done the trick once should i do it againn? i had the red rings the towel trick dose not always work on Ebay you can buy a repair kit that is what i used and i am online the first time i tried it, it fixed it for about an hour then i got t

Fantasy Football who is better November 25

The Steelers Defense or the Ravens? Ravens are usually more consistent but they got some issues with injuries going into this season and i don't know how healthy Ed Reed is right now. Oh tough on... Think I would go with Ravens this season. Think the

How to stop a woodpecker from pecking on your house November 25

we have like trees near our house but it still likes pecking on the house. we went to the store to ask how to stop it and they said a scarecrow owl will help, but it didnt. how can we stop this problem? this bird is after bugs that are either in the

Tough pick Who to start week 4 November 25

Who Should i start this week Payton Manning or Michael Vick????????????? Manning will tear apart any defense he faces no matter who's receiving and who he's playing. Vick has the potential so far to be the no.1 fantasy QB when the season is over, but

Should i trade Michael Vick November 25

I have Payton Manning as my starting QB and Vick on the bench. Everyone is trying to trade for him. Should i trade him? If so, for who? Or just keep him? you wont find a better replacement when payton is on a bye, but depending on your needs, you cou

Who gets the better deal November 25

Jermichael Finley for Larry Fitzgreald? (I have Finley) Surprisingly he gets the better deal. Finley is solid and will get more endzone looks as the year goes on, and Fitz would have more luck with a Monkey throwing to him. Stick with Finley. I can't

Is this a good trade for me to offer November 25

i trade away Matt Forte and Mike Wallace for Ahmad Bradshaw and Braylon Edwards? Terrible trade. Forte is looking like he did 2 years ago, and Bradshaw being hurt could mean Jacobs getting more carries in New York. I also don't trust Braylon's hands

Who is the better flex player November 25

Josh Cribbs or Mike Bell? while Moreno is out Josh Cribbs. Mike Bell has a better upside for the week, go with him. Go with Bell especially if it's a PPR

Fantasy Football please help. November 25

is it safe to just drop Jermichael Finley? yes most likely out for the season try trading and say u think hes only out 2 weeks so back in time for fantasy playoffs Yeah, the Packers put him on IR.

Hard choice for fantasy football. November 25

Should i start Peyton Manning or Michael Vick for this week?? Vick without a doubt. He has more WR options and great ones in Desean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, and Lesean Mccoy has shown he can run the ball. Vick was tering apart the Redskins D last time

Who to start with week November 25

Micheal Vick or Peyton Manning? Ochocinco or Holmes? Have to start Michael Vick. Ochocinco as well.

Hellllp fastttt please. November 25

i would give Mike Wallace for Miles austin and Todd Heap. i have ocho cinco for wr and dont really have a TE. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLP Wallace is good, so is Austin. you need a TE. Do the trade. Good luck. *WHAT ARE YOU WAITING ON*DO THE TRADE NOW

Iron Solomon Monster November 25

where can i download iron solomon album - monster? Go to and search Iron Solomon in the search section on the right hand side. His album came up with the link above, it's a RAR file but

What's going to happen to Elton Brand November 25

Philidalphia doesn't want him because of how bad they played last year so who needs him. Good shotblocker 6'8 PF bad midrange. Excellent post play Sixers werent that bad last year. They finished .500 in a conference that is very competitive. Elton Br

In NBA Live cap space November 25

How do you go over the cap in NBA Live if you have 222K left sign a minimun contract (something less 500K), doesn't matter how over teh cap ur, they still allow u to sign them. Or Trade exception

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