C section or natural birth whats best if given the choice November 27

I had an elective c-section as my baby was breech however given the choice i would certainly have opted for a normal birth. Your birth date is decided for you and it all seems a bit contrived. It's still amazing, but more difficult to bond when you'v

Why do people loathe Tony Abbott November 27

After looking at his career his only mistakes occur in the heat of the moment. He is a considerate man who is decent. He supports multiculturalism and I have found no evidence of sexism. He is a Liberal and guess who backed all anti-sexist reform, th

Does Tony Abbott's language make you laugh November 27

Does Tony Abbott's colourful language, explanations for his mistakes and gaffes make you laugh? I am wondering whether other people have had similar experiences. He called homosexuality as "challenging the orthodox notion of the right order of things

Does anyone here know where I can find a little blue flag with Tony Abbott face on it November 27

Does anyone here know where I can find a little blue flag with Tony Abbott face on it
I wanna watch the debate tonight and wave the flag when Tony puts Kevin down when he speaks.Go Tony.Cheers. Does a fish rot from the head ??, Here is the head http://www.theaustralian.com.au ...

Will time travel ever become a reality November 27

Do you think that anyone will ever invent and make a time machine? If you had the ability to travel back in time, would you be prepared to make a huge self sacrifice which would benefit humanity and the course of history. I have in mind for example,

What are some good books for a teen like me November 27

Okay I need some boosk to read here are some books that I like, so you can figure out what book to chose: Harry Potter Inside Out The gone series Skinned Series Okay additional things: I prefer female main characters to boys, but their are a few exep

The Best Baby Makin' Music November 27

I'm making a couple of mixtapes for some "alone time" with me and a special friend... So far I have Feels So Good To Be Loved So Bad- The Manhattans Kissing You- Keith Washington Summer Madness- Kool & The Gang Inside My Love- Minnie Rippert

Um, has Tony Abott got any policies yet November 27

He's rampaging about the country in campaign mode in a great big truck, but has he come up with any ideas? Both Gillard and Abbott are in semi campaign mode, what with an election on the cards for next year. I wouldn't expect major policy releases to

I think you're racist. Can you prove me wrong November 27

It's easier to make that claim than to debate you on your own terms. Everyone is capable of racist thoughts and all of us are guilty for it. It's when it comes to recognizing that we are capable and that we can choose to make a change about our way o

Please prove me wrong, IS anime racist against... November 27

Anyways, I have noticed in all of the animes ive watched that... ALL of characters are fairly white-skinned. but why? Please don't think I'm racial because I'm japanese lol...though most people think were pale/light skinned, I'm jap and yet i have a

Am i really racist prove me wrong.. November 27

i once asked a question over here about asians.. cos i have been wondering,,, if black people are called blacks, and white people whites.. why don't asian people called yellow? it is widely accepted and you hears it everyday everywhere, on tv black p

Dawkins' supporters please answer: November 27

Hi, One of Dawkins' main skits at religion (and in particular Christianity) is that he views the spreading of one's views- especially those not supported through evidence- as a moral atrocity. How then can he write his book, to effect the undermine o

Bush supporters: What if McClellan is telling the truth November 27

If you're able to take a step back and look at it objectively, how would you feel if it were conclusively proven to you that everything McClellan says about the Bush White House is true? Would you change your mind about Bush, or would you just shrug

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