Catalytic convertor stopped up November 27

I have an 99 ford ranger with 3.0L ff and its 4wd...not that it matters if its 4wd. Anyways, it has set a lean code on bank 2 upstream and keeps bogging down and then picks up and takes off good. Now, I know I could just hook up a vaccum gage to upst

1996 chevy lumina vs. 1995 chevy beretta November 27

My beretta broke down on me. I had two mechanics (my family and BF's family is mostly mechanics lol) look at it and both told me I might as well buy a new one, because the money I have to put into it would be ridiculous. So I'm buying a lumina off of

Is insurance on a chevy beretta typically high November 27

theres this kid i work with who wants to sell his beretta and i got the money to buy it and the car looks and sounds really nice.but,i dont have enough specs even the year of the car to call for a quote on how much it will be and i only see this kid

How do u make a chevy beretta fast November 27

my beretta is to slow its gotta be fast You havent given us anything to work with here. What model is it? What engine/trans combo? There are many different things you can do, depending on what you have. Many people are now swapping in 3400's from lat

How do I change my last name to my marriage name legally November 27

First you need to obtain the official marriage certificate from the state - it will have a raised seal on it. Get at least two or three copies. Change your name at the Social Security office using the marriage certificate and other forms of ID, and g

Should I drink huge amounts of alcohol then drive erratically November 27

I'm drunk but I think i'm blasted and I want more beer should I go drive to get some I would have to go through a school zone in my neibhrhood Sure you can just as long as you dont come driving down my street. Go ahead and take a "rebel ride" an

Have you ever driven erratically... November 27

*puff* Nooooope Hellllll yeahhhh! When I had flu, didn't take any medication but still my driving was abysmal. Nope. My best friend was killed by a driver high on drugs No, but I have flew in the air with wings then plunged to my death. yes oh yes Im

Would you drive erratically on the freeway while naked November 27

BQ. Do you think the penalties for DWI are to lax? No I wouldn't because if I'm driving erratically that means I'm going to get stopped for sure and then I would be highly embarassed. BQ.. I agree that the penalties for DWI are definitely too lax. Th

Have you ever seen a BLONDE driving ERRATICALLY November 27

A State Trooper pulls a car over on a lonely back road and approaches the blonde lady driver. "Ma'am, is there a reason that you're weaving all over the road"? The woman replied, "Oh officer, thank goodness you're here!! I almost had an acc

Block IE from accessing my website (kinda) November 27

Well my website contains some js that apparently IE doesn't like that much. Works with all other browsers but i want a message to pop up for only users on IE stating that certain elements will not work with their browser. How would i go about

Program to pull from database November 27

I need a program that will pull data from an online database. How would i go about doing this? Is there any open source software that will help? Any examples? Please note I am not a programmer. stealing is illegal. you can go to jail its a felony. pl

Show that ran on SciFi channel for a little bit a few years back November 27

I wanna say it was in 007 maybe. It was a show where they would show you a few scenarios in a reenactment type way, and you would decide whether it was real or made up. Then at the end it would tell you. It had some off the wall stuff that you

Fixed div that scrolls with the page November 27

Im trying to add a fixed div to my website that scrolls with the page so it is always on top. It would be simple to just use "position: fixed" however since IE disregards web standards i cant.... Is there some other way to do this, such as with

Can I move out from Alabama to Florida at 18 November 27

OK so I'm moving to Alabama in which I currently live in Florida. My parents are basically screwing me over. I love my school, in which has many benefits including a scholarship, as well as I would qualify for bright futures. I want to stay here howe

How to hide code from IE November 27

I need to know how I could go about hiding code from IE 6, 7, and 8. I am using various javascript scripts that work perfectly together for every browser except IE. Its not crucial features, more like coolness factors so I just decided to disable the

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