What kind of shampoo or product do you use with well water November 29

I just moved to a house with well water less than 2 wks and my hair is turning orange. Is there any product for my hair I can use to help it and can I color my hair myself concerning the well water? My hair is brown and I color it brown. Because of t

Tokyo extendedstay hotels... November 29

I am looking at doing an internship in Tokyo for months, and I would have to find my own housing. Finding an apartment is pretty ridiculous for this short of a stay, but when I looked into extended stay hotels and furnished short-term apartments,

Advice for an extended stay in a hotel with children November 29

My friend is moving out of state. They will close on the house they are selling about a month before their new home will be complete. They will be in state (here) for two weeks of this while her husband finishes up his work here, and the. They will b

Can Somebody give me advice on a NFL Fantasy Trade November 29

Somebody is offering me Santana Moss And Clinton Portis (both are from the redskins) For my Chicago Bears Defense and Willis McGahee Im in serious need for a receiver, and I kinda like clinton portis as a player. I already have 2 defenses (Baltimore

Need NFL Fantasy playoff advice plz November 29

Hey guys I need some advice on who to start this week. I managed to swoop up some players that people who aren't in the playoffs (10 man league) dropped for whatever reason. Running backs that I have: Michael Turner Stevan Ridley Matt Forte Darren Sp

NFL Fantasy Football Advice November 29

If you could have any 2 of the following WR on your team, who would they be and why? Nate Washington Eric Decker Jeremy Maclin Mario Manningham L. Robinson D. Moore Hakeem Nicks Santana Moss NOTE: Based on this point in the season Nate Washington is

NFL Fantasy picks advice!... November 29

DeShaun Jackson PHI @ MIA Eric Decker DEN v CHI or Mario Manningham NYG @ DAL I have a feeling Jackson has a big game in him yet, but its a big risk starting him, advice please!? Duhsean is a risky play because he's unmotivated and pouting and his QB

Is Northbrook, Cincinnati, OH a nice place to live November 29

I live in Cincinnati, and I've never heard of Northbrook. I looked it up and it looks like it's in Colerain Township? If you have children, I'm sure you are looking at the school district too. It all depends on what you are looking for and what's imp

Is Cincinnati, OH, a nice place to live November 29

I'm a college student majoring in Criminal Justice. I have a couple more years til I'm done with my degree. Are their alot of Job Opportunities there? Is it a good place for a young, single women to meet someone? Does it have a fun night life? Is it

Is downtown Cincinnati, OH a nice place to live November 29

My husband will be working in West Chester and we found a great apartment deal in downtown. What are the drawbacks to living there? I live in a suburb but I go downtown sometimes. I guess it has the drawbacks like any other city would, creeps walking

How Did/does the nfl decide which team goes on which division November 29

How Did/does the nfl decide which team goes on which division? Like in the afc west there is chargers, raiders, broncos & chiefs. Im wondering how they decided to pick teams like that. Because kansas city isnt close to the other 3 teams. Several team

Pillow vs pillow free Have you done this November 29

I am switching my tot to a big bed. Naturally I looked up the age to introduce pillows. After reviewing the info I dicided to sleep pillow free. I'd never had better sleep. Even with a hour nap I look great and well rested! The kink in my neck gone.

Vegan options for my tot Please read before answering. November 29

Long story short: My tot has issues with meat as well as a global feeding disorder, which is getting better. We are relying less on formula and more on food. Yippy! But, we have started meats. All kosher. Yet, every time he eats meats he vomits a few

Vegan options for my toddler, round two. Advice please. November 29

My tot has severe feeding disorder. He sees a gastroenterologist, nutritionist, and speech therapist (for feeding). I have been vegetarian since 1992. I see a different GI doctor due to celiac disease and diabetes. My tot is new to eating solid foods

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