Do stores sell small kids whole milks November 28

stores will sell kids pretty much anything they have money to buy if a kid is old enough to count money and takes a bottle of whole milk up to the cashier and can count the money out they will sell it to the kid. Yeah they probably do. Drinking that

What should pure Coconut Oil Smell like November 28

I've heard pure organic unrefined coconut oil is good for your skin and hair. Well I bought a jar and can't stand the smell! I usually love coconut products. Has anyone had this experience? Or, if you have coconut oil what does it smell like? This Si

Where to buy this coconut oil November 28 Parachute Coconut hair oil where can i buy it? like walmart, target? hehe thankx=] p.s. pls dont say ebay or nything online guyz=] walmart, target, sallys beauty supply, maybe walgreens, usually any superce

Can I buy pure coconut oil at cvs if not where November 28

for hair growth, does it work? for dryness, does it work? how much is it-how do you use it? ANY info would be lovely. You can buy it at a health food store. But I don't know anything about using it on your hair. umm im not sure bout cvs but deff gnc

Pure coconut oil to use on babies skin (eczema) November 28

Hi guys :] I have a 2 month old daughter with very sensitive, dry itchy skin on her arms and mostly over her chin and not sure what's the best thing to use. The chemicals in the creams from the doctor irritate her skin even more so something natural

How to contact Yahoo customer care November 28

I couldnt get the email id of customer care of yahoo inc. I need to send email to them for clarification regarding my email account. I have a new computer and can not get yahoo bridge to start

What's the point of a meat tenderizer November 28

To make it tender. When meat is heated the internal fibres bunch and shrink and the meat becomes tough. Resting the meat after cooking allows the fibres to relax but they don't go far and can still be tight enough to make the meat tough. Tenderizing

Why does my cheese cake has a rim on top November 28

The outer rim gets more heat than the inside of the top. It is fine, it is supposed to look like that. As the cheesecake bakes it will puff up a bit because of the air that was whipped into it. As it continues to bake it will settle particularly as i

Are frozen dumplings precooked November 28

I think i might've ate like 5 undercooked pork dumplings Didn't you think to look at the packet? If the recommended cooking time is no more than to heat them up, then they're pre-cooked. never bought frozen the package. it will tell

Why do non Americans talk so much **** about America November 28

I really don't get it when Foriegn people talk so much about Americans and America but soon end up coming to America taking our jobs and living our lifestyle. The ones that come here to live aren't the ones that don't like this country. The others ha

Can someone explain to me why college is so expensive November 28

I'm doing the math, and it will take me 4 years of working to save enough to pay for all 4 years of college. This is assuming I save $500/month. I understand you are only allowed to receive student-loans, 6 times but even that doesn't pay for all of

Did Obama`s recent trip to India really cost 2 billion dollars November 28

It's not far off. Dont tell a Liberal though. The trip included about 40 planes, and scores of ships, and of course armored vehicles. The number of people involved was in the thousands. I think they built special air conditioning for him to visit the

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