What are good ideas for after school care January 11

My daughter is still in daycare, she is 2 1/2. But I have come to wonder where kids can go after school....once they start school. I'm a single mom who works full time, and goes to college a couple of nights a week. Her dad is also going to schoo

5 year old wets bed and sleeps with parents. Normal January 11

Do you feel that it is normal for a 5 year old (in this case, my boyfriends son - a boy), wets the bed at night? He rarely stays with his father, but when he is with his mother, she loads him up on drinks. She is never thinking about potty training h

6 1/2 week old Weimaraner puppy completely overwhelmed! January 11

Read all the books, bought all the supplies, and now that we actually have her, I am completely overwhelmed! I haven't had any sleep for 5 straight nights! Puppy had an infection which is getting cleared up thanks to good vet care, and is a super swe

How can I get muscly arms January 11

I'm a 16 year old girl who just wants a bit of muscle on my arms they're just a bit too weedy :/ any routines that will make this happen, that are also a bit fun??? About 0 mins a night would be good I go running about a mile every other night if

How to make my 4 year old stop peeing in the bed January 11

my four year old son still wets the bed in the night. I have tried keeping alarm and waking him up but that is disturbing us both as we are not getting enough sleep. How to stop him wet the bed. try not to worry so much, my son is doing the same thin

How do you get an 8 year old boy to stop wetting the bed January 11

my son is 8, i cut him off from drinking at 7pm, and he still wets the bed. even after i make him go before bed! how do i break him? Wake him up and walk him to the toilet when you go to bed. Note: it's important that he's awake, otherwise he'll just

My 8 year old brother like to hump things January 11

Okay, so I'm a 13 year old girl. I have a 8 year old brother and a 1 year old brother. My little 8 year old brother likes to yknow..hump things. Like he'll be laying down watching tv, and he'll move up and down on the couch in a humping motion. And i

Is it natural to be scared of the dark January 11

I only ask this because I know alot of people like this . Don't you??? You bet. Our ancestors were most at risk from nighttime predators who would hunt them when the predators could see but our ancestors couldn't. Fear of the dark is as hardwired int

What are your children like `Fun Polls. January 11

What are your children like `Fun Polls.
I was wondering. My daughter, Dakotah; http://s686.photobucket.com/albums/vv228/Chelseasamommy/?action=view&current=playtime-for-5-five-month-old-baby-.jpg She's very bubbly and outgoing ...

Have you ever seen someone hit themself purposely January 11

lol it's a scary but funny sight. Just thinking of a past experience makes me laugh but feel depressed at the same time. I saw someone punch their head with their own hand and bang it against the wall while they were angry Actually yes! I saw it on T

Second Hand Smoke from Marijuana January 11

Yesterday, September 24th, I went in for a drug test for my new job I just got hired for, last night when I eventually went home I talked to my mom and she told me because of my boyfriends Marijuana use, my drug test will show up positive. He doesn't

My daughter is 7 months and saying mama January 11

my daughter is 7 months and she starting saying mama this morning and now she ownt stop saying it its kinda like mamamamamama but its the same and she said in the highchair when i asked her if she wanted to go to bed cause she was fussing bad she sai

Giving baby food as a baby shower gift January 11

Is it weird to give baby food as a baby shower gift. I have two baby showers in the same weekend and I am short on money and my daughter wont eat all of the fruit baby food i bought her so i was thinking of making up a basket and putting those baby f

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