Superhero names (20 characters) December 2

Hey I need some help choosing a superhero name for a couple characters. One character is a dude named Ralph Zander who can shapeshift into a wolf. He has enhanced strength and senses. The second is a girl who has the ability to concentrate energy int

LOST Series finale tonight December 2

Well, only 1 hour to go to see the finale the series. Do you think there will be a 3rd......... Why cant they just end it, as it takes up too much of my Sunday nights. I usually Sky+ it, and try to watch it next week, in between working, or spending

Electrical switch tripping breaker December 2

I installed a light fixture above my shower. Hooked all the wires up and ran them down the wall to where the switch will be located and wired everything to the load, white to line and the ground wires. Then I fished the wire about 7

Have you ever accepted a friend request from a ex on facebook December 2

Ok, I don't really care for facebook, the only reason I have a facebook is because I moved from my country to live with my husband and it's handy when you want to keep in touch with family. And I have a big family. Anyways I change my last name but o

I am very bad in making new frnds. can anyone suggest some tips December 2

I'm the same way. do you have some friends already? If so, work on maintaining your existing friendships because its not about the quantity but the quality. Sometimes its better to have a few who truly care about you than dozens who run off when litt

Death benefits questions December 2

I just found out today while looking at my mother's tax forms for FAFSA that she has been getting Social Security benefits for my sister and I since my dad died in 2006. I'm talking thousands of dollars. I asked her about it and she said the money wa

Star Wars fans: Why did Jacen Solo choose the Dark Side December 2

yeah, he has this warped perception of what the galaxy can be with him and without the jedi. just crap, you know, like what Darth Vader had...." i have brought peace to the republic" He pretty much is willing to go to any lengths to hide his wif

Help training a quagsire in Pokémon Y December 2

And with making a move set, please? My little bro and I are having a random Pokémon battle contest. We each got an egg through trade and whatever hatched out was the only Pokémon we can train and use to battle one another. His hatched into a rotom, b

Could these be signs of depression and social anxiety December 2

when I started my first year of high school I became a loner and I have a really hard time meeting new people I get really nervous and I hate being the center of attention so I try to avoid talking to someone because I don t want to embarrass myself

How to make soft pretzels December 2

I really have a craving for soft pretzels, is it possible for me to make one from scratch? I can't go to the store right now, please help! Thanks in advance. yes you can make them from scratch, once you have the dough formed you are supposed to soak

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