What CPU should I get November 29

So I'm in the works of starting up a youtube channel geared towards gaming. So i need a CPU that can play the latest games at a smooth frame rate and can withstand hd quality videos. I was looking at two... The Intel Core i7 4790K and the Intel Core

How do I install a second Hard drive On a IBM ThinkCentre November 29

I'm trying to install a second Hard drive but it seems like my pc doesnt recognize it - What do I need to do to get this thing installed? Not all disks come preformatted. Search for or Run "diskmgmt.msc" to open up the Microsoft's Disk Managemen

IBM ThinkCentre S51 Intel Desktop PC Drives November 29

I found this old computer in the garbage and when I turn it on it says NO OPERATING SYSTEM and it gets stuck there, Im going to try and install XP (Home), anyone know where I can download the drives. I tried the IBM website but I dont know witch one

Unique Pizza Joint in Indianapolis, IN November 29

My boyfriend and I are having out anniversary this coming weekend and I am looking for the perfect place to take him. Over the summer we vacationed in Florida and we somehow stumbled upon this amazing locally owned pizza joint. It was decorated with

Unique musical instrument stores near indianapolis November 29

My sister and I are going to Indy for Black Friday. We're in a folk band looking for odd and unique instruments to implement into our style. Any music store would be appreciated, but are there any music stores with very unique instruments around indi

Is YeeHaa making more 'improvements' again November 29

I have to do everything on my computer, at least twice, to get anything accomplished. I feel like Plesident O'Bommer. Your computer has a built-in echo. lol

Windows or Mac November 29

I am a Windows guy. Windows Windows I have used both Windows and Mac. At work I have windows, and at home I use a MacBook. Honestly, I prefer the Mac now. I miss having word on my computer though. If I had to choose one, I would still say mac. It nev

POLL: Window Lickers or Squeegee Kids November 29

I miss my window licker :( Window Lickers. widow licker but Gary the Pedo Glitter like squeegee kids Window Lickers fo sho! Window Lickers I'm a licker...but I don't do windows Window lickers have very nice tongues:] lol Window lickers are awesome in

Will my debtto income ratio show up on an employer credit check November 29

I'm curious as to what exactly shows up on a credit check. I know my score is good (in the 700s) but my debt to income ratio is below average. The debt to income ratio is not as important as your payment history. If you make your payments, then the e

How do I check my PS3 Black Ops kill to death ratio November 29

How do I check my PS3 Black Ops kill to death ratio? I have been trying to figure this out, and finally realized my combat record ratio is different (thankfully). In your player card under Combat Record tab. That tells you pretty much everything. you

I need someone to check if my answer is correct (ratio) November 29

Question: The ratio of A's weight to B's is 4 :3, while the ratio of B's to C's is 4 : 5. Part A of Question: Find A : B : C Part B of Question: Find the ratio of A to C. My Answer: Part A; A : B : C = 16 : 12 : 15 Part B; I don't have a clue. Can so

Belief Poll: Checking the ratios. November 29

I'm not trying to troll, or be nasty. I'm just curious as to the ratio of those who believe in a God or supernatural force and those who don't in the Religion and Spirituality section, as, as far as I can tell, it's around 0. If you believe in an

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